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About Us

How Flamingo Mocktails came from one idea to "It's All Happening."

My name is Erika Zank and welcome to the website for Flamingo Mocktails, LLC.  The idea for my business came from a desire to help people who do not drink alcohol for whatever reason, to have a place for socialization and fun without having to worry about drinking alcohol.  

Image by Matthew Cabret

Our Story

Flamingo Mocktails, LLC was born out of a conversation with friends who have chosen not to drink alcohol. The statement was posed as this, "I don't drink alcohol, but I still want to meet up with friends and be social without having the temptation of alcohol around me, and without having to explain to people why I'm not drinking. There is judgment placed upon a person who chooses not to drink and there is no place in Eau Claire other than coffee shops and fast-food establishments where I can go. I want something different."


I have personally struggled with drinking alcohol, and I have seen firsthand the damage that being an alcoholic can do. It's a lifetime struggle and I feel compelled to start this business to help people who have issues with alcoholism. My bar will give them a better option, something new and different for them to choose and be social, without feeling so isolated. I believe this idea came to me from a "God moment," when I was unhappy with my career as a nurse, and I decided to leave and figure out what I wanted to finally do to help people. Flamingo Mocktails, LLC was an idea that was given to me, and I intend to move forward with this business and see it grow in the future. 

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