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Flamingo Mocktails: What are Mocktails and why are they so good?

Written By: Erika S. Zank

Cervera, Sara. Grapefruit Drinks. Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, 27 Feb. 2020.

The world of alcohol free alternatives is growing as many reach for a new way of enjoying adult beverages. With so many incredible companies emerging to pave the way for alcohol free "mocktails" that are comprised of more than soda and juice. There are way more options out there. With the ability to create a craft mocktail using zero proof spirits, local honey, fruit and herbs there is no end to the possibilities I can create. In the future I will blog about my favorite mocktails and show you how to make them. Watch for special theme nights in the future for specials of new and exciting mocktails. I can make a few super fun ones for the kids as well!

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