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Flamingo Mocktails: The Why

Written By: Erika S. Zank

There are so many reasons people choose not to consume alcohol including but not limited to religion, medical reasons, trying to conceive, focused on self, career, children, have faced challenges with alcohol, choose to eliminate alcohol for health reasons, or simply just do not enjoy the effects of alcohol. For some it is a combination and for others it is none of the above. Everyone's why is different and yet many are choosing to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol. In this day and age there is more understanding of the long term effects of alcohol and the impact we see even in the days following
a night full of cocktails that leave you feeling like crap for days to come.

Pasca, Bogdan. Flamingo Photo. 26 Mar. 2019.

My mission is to make a night out on the town fun again for those who want to enjoy their evening alcohol free! There are so many places to go out and socialize these days yet most venues, music events and parties are all very alcohol focused. Little changes are happening, which is very exciting. The Milwaukee Brewers have alcohol free options to purchase such as n/a beer and seltzers. The Green Bay Packers have a separate seating section for those who don't drink alcohol and just don't want to be around people who are getting drunk.
More and more, non-alcoholic bars, bottle shops selling non-alcohol beer, wine and spirits are opening all over the world. This is so exciting to me and I just want to be a small part of helping people to be able to socialize, enjoy events and holidays without the stress of having alcohol served there. Whether you are sober curious, in recovery, training for a marathon, pregnant and/or breastfeeding, allergic to alcohol or just want to live a healthier life, Flamingo Mocktails is for you.

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